Hello I am a boy of 19 years from Belgium and in December 2012 was found by me Ms?ow I take 9 to 10 months, the Avonex Pen, I think this will help. In the beginning it did its job well, but two weeks ago, around the same time that it was found in 2012, Ms. it starts back in the same way. (steps got it now, but a lot of pain in the feet, electric shocks precise and heavy knees lifting succeed or both, but not super long) Now I'm currently in the hospital and now they are going to do today NMR and lung research . I'm here, but normally 3 to 5 days out so I can stay home. But now I would like to know your experiences with Gilenya or Tysabri? Neurologist probably wanted to move to a second line treatment, and I would like to know the experiences of people with this medication and also whether in a hot country you feel better and get almost no surge?

Thanks for your time.
A concerned student.