So I'm here asking a question on behaf of my husband as I am concerned. He has had MS since 2008 he has done tysabri(1 dose) copaxone(on & off) avonex(a few months) it has been a up & down battle with him. He genrerally feels fine has symptoms & so far I have been treating him with natural medicine & vitamins diet etc. He hasn't relapsed in a long time I have been doing my best & now his neuro is giving him gilenya & I'm concerned on how did it feel the first time & by what dosage you felt improvement or what are things that you noticed change day to day. He has big memory farts where Its gotten concerning for me & he has muscle spasms in his left leg & his speech is geting a little more slurred. These new symptoms started after the only dose of tysabri other than that he is fine plays with our daughter is up early & continues on with life.