I started taking birth control (Gildess FE) December 2012, when I turned 18. This medication has greatly reduced the flow of my periods and has made them completely painless, the only problem has ever been the fact that I have never had a period while on the placebo. It always happens on the exact same day right in the middle of the hormone pills. My boyfriend and I became sexually active a few months after I started the pill when I began to realize that this menstral cycle pattern was staying. It stayed this way for the entire year until November 2013, my period skipped during the hormone pill, and finally happened during the placebo pills. I was happy thinking my body finally adjusted to the medication, but then in December I had my period twice- once randomly during the hormone pill, then again, mid-placebo, extending into the next hormone pack, and both of these periods were pretty heavy. And I have not had a period since, not in January, or Feburary. My placebo pills for March are 4 days away, but I thought I should go ahead and post about this because I am getting concerned.
After missing the first period in January I decided to take a break from sexual activity with my boyfriend out of fear (still have been inactive since the ). I took a home pregnancy test 4 days after my placebo pills started in Feburary and it came out negative. I took another test one week later, still negative.
My boyfriend keeps asking when we can become active again, but I'm too terrified since I haven't had a period in so long and I have no idea when it might come, or what I should do. I have been taking the pill perfectly as instructed, always on time, always at the same time, none missed, and I'm on no other medications.
What should I do about this?