I was prescribed tri-spintec in August. It cleared up my acne, but gave me disgusting mood swings and my boyfriend and family and even I couldn't deal with how angry and horrible it made me at certain times. Recently, I broke out a little and I have had a heavy period for over a week now. I am switching due to the mood swings, mainly. I suffer from severe depression and tri-spintec helped me a lot with it and I have not felt depressed in months. I am about to begin gildess fe 120. I am concerned for myself due to the reviews that are mostly terrible-although birth control affects everyone very differently. My main worries are: Will it make my depression come back/more severe (based on anyone that has depression and uses this), does it make lots of people breakout? Should I avoid this pill completely, are there any others that are well known for being great for acne and mood swings? Thanks so much.