Is it common for the gildess pill to cause you to skip a period? I was taking it normal then i stopped to allow for my period. I wasnt able to get another pack of pills because my heath insurance changed to a different company so I hadn't taken it for about 3 weeks; my period never came. I had sex about 2 times in with the this time frame from the last week i took my pills to when i was able to take them again. We used condoms with the one time but the other neither of us got there because we git cut short, so he didnt cum in me. I finally got the new pack of pills and started taking them. Im experiencing slight cramping in my abdomen similar to the ones i get when i have a period but i havent had a period. Is there a chance i could be pregnant? Or is it common for the pill to make your body skip a period? I should probably mention i also have polycystic ovarian syndrome.