I'm 17 years Old, nearly 18 and just started working as a CNA. I was taking yaz for awhile, then my pharmacy decided Medicaid couldn't pay for either yaz and gianvi so they gave me some weird generic birth control. February I got pregnant unexpectedly and miscarried right after they finally switched me to gianvi. (Sorry this is getting long!) but I've taken Prozac for 4 months now and two and a half weeks ago I started getting extremely tired and weak. I spotted and my moods started fluctuating. I thought it was strange so I switched to taking my two meds in the morning. I'm still tired and my acne which had been corrected by this pill has slowly gotten worse. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came up negative. So I'm really confused what might be causing this... (I also found out Gianvi/Yaz is a category X contraceptive) could explain a miscarraige?