... Temple ear, jaw and felt like top of my throat pain. I couldn't sleep on my bed bc the pressure was too great when laying down. I had/have to sleep in my recliner. I went to see one urgent care doc who gave me a zpak; said I had a headache and bronchitis. Needless to say that didn't work. Was finally able to see my doc. She thought it was sinuses blocking me up and said to take some allergy meds and nasal spray. That too did not work. My sister came into town and I was relaying my symptoms to her. A few years ago, she had to have an emergency surgery for what her neurosurgeon said was Temporal arteritis. She told me my symptoms were very much like hers. I passed the information on to my doc and she sent me to an optomologist who said my eyes look good but he would recommend the biopsy for GCA. It is so rare of a condition and I am really young to have it. He stopped doing surgery. And now im in the process of having another doctor look at me. My sister was early to mid 30''s when she was diagnosed and had to have surgery.

Now my question is, what kind of doctor should I see next? My doctor wants me to see a cardiologist to do the surgery. Kinda confused on that route and figured people here would be able to give me a more direct answer on who/what type of doctor or specialist i should see, what I should do and what to expect.

I am a single parent and need to have my ducks in a row for my 2 littles. 3 &5 year old.

Any information would greatly be appreciated.

May from Northwest Indiana