Stomach pain so bad that it sent me to emergency room on 2/11/12. Diagnosis h pylori. Finished the antibiotics for H Pylori 2 days ago. Stomach still burning strongly with gnawing feeling. I have a sour taste in my mouth alot. Worried it's not gone! My question is: Is it possible to ever get my digestive tract healthy again? 2 years ago I had Campylobacter after simply traveling to Hawaii. Nobody gets sick from Hawaii! Next, I got sick (diarrhea, stomach pain) after going to Seattle! I keep having stomach issues! I need to go to Africa this summer to help with a project, but now I'm worried I will get sick again. I also have diverticulosis, GERD, irritable bowel. Not sure what to do. People recommending Aloe juice. I already take good acidophilus, colostrum, Ultimate Omega Fish oils, but still got sick anyway.