my gf or(ex) as of right now who ive dated for a lil more than a yr has been lieing and sneaking behind my back doin pills and pills turned into herion within past few months. i went to her mother casue i had to much weight on my shoulder to bare and wasnt goin to watch her kill herself so i felt like goin to her mom was right thing to do, but now she def wont talk to me or see me and things arent looking good as far as getting her back casue we both love each other and wanna b with each other things jus arent healthy right now she says and she jus cant do this anymore. doin this refering to fighting like every week or other week usually becasue she lies or hides and or gets defensive if i jus ask her to call me or something so simple as that. i know its more less her sickness and disease of addiction doin most of this but other than patience and jus hoping an praying how can i help my chances at being with her again?