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Me and my gf had done sex 17th of july, yesterday she told that she think she is pregnant, wht to do

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pinkladyn33 21 Jul 2013

So its only been 4 days, did she say why she thinks she is pregnant? Well maybe she was fixin to start her period if so that may be why she said that and she is late still if that is the only time since her last period that yal had unprotected sex then it will still take about 2 weeks to show up on a pregnacy test from the store a blood test at a clinic will show hcg , thats the pregnancy hormone, increases sooner then a home test kit. I suggest going to a clinic not sure where you are from but there are free pregnancy testing centers all over the states, these places don't charge a fee and if you are pregnant then they offer alot of services to help you with money. so take a deep breath and take a test also if the first one is negative test again in a week or two to make sure and use some kind of birth control like condoms or she could take the pill or both even better. be supportive remember it take two hope it helps

kaismama 21 Jul 2013

There is absolutely no way she could have anything that would be signs of pregnancy already. All you can do is wait it out and see if she gets her period. What you need to do is stop having unprotected sex, she either needs to get on birth control or you need to use condoms. Its too late now for the morning after pill. free discount card

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