I have been sick with mononucleosis for 5 weeks. During my 3rd week of illness, I tried to stand up and walk around for a couple minutes when I woke up in the morning. After about 10 minutes I passed out. I have gotten over the worst of my mono and I am able to move around a little more freely and get back into my normal life but I have lost a ton of fat and specifically muscle. After about 30 minutes I get achey and shakey. I don't want to head back into things full force right away because I do not want to put myself at risk for fainting again, but my new school semester starts January 9th and I want to be strong enough to handle campus life again. How can I start to train my body to get back into things like walking around and living normally, and how can i regain muscle without exercising? I cannot exercise because I am at risk for rupturing my spleen.

Thanks alot