I recently had a doctor that left one practice no notice just closed at first they brought in subs then nothing the first dr i had been seeing had 1 more office i tried to get in to no avail i have medicare so i started lookind for drs that could handle all my problems I have diabetts heart problems osticpostics both hips 3 bulging disc in back i have never had a double pres for anything
then i found i had to separate drs so i looked for pain mangerment now to afford them they dont accepted medicare so find a resonable one The first one i went to wanted me to have 2 epicdermals a month he gave me a scrip i returned it told him noway was i getting needles in back the 2 office i went to told me i dint have enought id it took me 2 hrs to find that place but they had a security guard with a gun when i was talking to a woman their he told us patients were not allow to talk to each other scary i wasnt going back i never receive any meds or scrip the third office the nurse receptions ask me if u r have for meds dont ask r u a junkie we dont want your kind i dint ask for anything when they called me i told them i didnt want them. no meds did i receive from any of them then i found a pain clinic i was still trying to get my old dr back who said i was on dr shopping list for what looking for a doctor i never receive any double meds so maybe these people need to get there facts stagith what do u do except the first quack dr or except the first high price dr. so how do u get off the list i called them head hunters