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Any side effects from stopping Nexium capsules after taking for several years?

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kaismama 25 Jun 2012

Nothing except for maybe heartburn.

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AquariusAnneCA 26 Jun 2012

If you had heartburn and the Nexium rid you of it, then expect it to come back with a vengeance! I was on Omeprazole which is the same type of drug, a PPI. I was on this like you were the Nexium, about 12 years. So many side affects I was not aware of such a shortness of breath and was treated with prednisone for a year... now I find that it was the Omeprazole that caused it. Went off the meds and I am rid of so many problems such as sinus infections, urinary tract infections, neausea every morning, muscle aches, and gout along with other problems which have all ended when I ended the meds. BUT I can hardly deal with the heartburn which scares me for fear it is going to damage the esophogus... doctor wants me to have the procedue done where the hiatal hernia (which is usually the culprit) is tucked in the stomach but I hear this does not always work! So I am taking the Omeprazole every other day or so, depending on how bad the heartburn gets.

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meyati 26 Jun 2012

It's my understanding that GERD meds work 2 different ways. Nexium, prevacid, Prilosec reduce the production of gastric acids. Librax, etc neuturalizes the stomach acids. If you stop taking any of the GERD meds you have a chance of GERD returning with a vengeance-especially the ones that reduce the production of gastric acids. Diet-not eating late-not having alcohol or carbonated beverages-so that lets out our evening champagne and beer, and then sleeping propped up will help reduce the reflex from coming out of your nose. They now say all GERD meds can cause oesteoprisis or loss of calcium in the bones. I use Librax- It works best for me.

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AquariusAnneCA 26 Jun 2012

Hi Meyati,
Thanks so much for your input! I am going to try Librax to see if it works for me although I have tried Zantac which is similar and it does not help at all. I get heartburn if I bend down since I have a hiatal hernia. I agree that all the messy stuff we have to do when we aren't on some kind of medication is just that "messy"... the omeprazole for me was great cause I could do all those things I cannot do without the meds but the meds have done a lot of damage to me in other ways, such as not being able to breath (shortness of breath) bones ache, etc. So we have choices in life and right now I am choosing to not take the omeprazole every day to see how it works for me. And I will try your medication Librax.
Thank you,

meyati 26 Jun 2012

OMG- zantac Zantac-I was just answering a question about Librax- and I absentmindedly said the wrong thing-- Zantac. It takes about 3 weeks at 2 a day to work good. Take a Zantac before eating or an hour before you go to bed, as it takes about an hour for it to take effect. My throat is thoroughly burnt, etc. I began having trouble this fall with nausea-a med set it off, but it didn't clear up. In May, my doctor had me take 2 Zantac religiously-one in the am and one in the pm- here I was vomiting from the nausea-and doing this-stopped the vomiting and then the nausea. I'd have spells where I felt good and I stopped taking the Zantac for a few days or a few months. My doctor says that because I don't have the esophigocal valve-extra air gets into my stomach when I eat-and it set off a chain reaction of nausea. Somebody else in this notice was asking about Librax-which is good for other stomach problems, but not good for GERD.

AquariusAnneCA 26 Jun 2012

Hi Meyati, Oh, so what you are saying is it is not the Librax you were recommending but the Zantac? This does not really help me that much but then I do not take 2 tablets, I take one when the heartburn hits me badly. I find if I wait a bit and really relax, the heartburn will diminish. My fear is that it can be destructive as it does burn around the heart area which may be the esophagus but I feel it seems to be near my heart. I am fearful of damaging the esophagus with the acid and more so I am concerned that when I am asleep what and where this acid is going. I had a lung problem 2 years ago (shortness of breath) and the CT Scan showed my lungs were like shattered glass and the lung specialist was baffled! Said he had not ever seen such a thing. I was on the omeprazole at the time. I wonder if the medication caused this problem? or did acid backup into my lungs while asleep? The GI doctors do not know. free discount card

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