3 years ago I woke up one morning with a tightening in my throat followed by a constricting feeling below my breastbone, pain in the back of my left arm above my elbow, pain in my jaw, a very hot sweat and EXTREME discomfort. Went to the emergency room. They put me on Prevacid and it cleared up. One year later, new episodes, same symptoms. This time in the emergency room, they ran blood tests, did a cat scan, a stress test, an endoscopy down into my stomach and a gall bladder ultrasound. Nothing came back except that I have an hiatal hernia. They put me on Omeprazole. Worked for a year and 3 months up until about 2 months ago. Went back to the Doctor. He then put me on Protonix along with Librax. These have worked sporadically in the last two months but have not brought an end to these morning episodes. Called the Doctor back and he told me to take Prevacid on top of the Protonix. Has anyone that has been diagnosed with "GERD" had symptoms such as these? Thanks!