Hi everyone.

5 years ago I got genital herpes from an ex boyfriend, but since then I havent had any symptom or recurrences. A bit later after the herpes I got a liver transplant so since then I've been on immuno-suppressant drugs.
A few months ago I got a urinary tract infection which then developed into kidney infection and was treated for 2 weeks in he hospital for that.

After that (or a bit before ) I started noticing the white cottage cheese like discharge with no smell. And no other symptoms

2 months ago I started seeing someone and after sex every time he gets a rash.. Which get better after putting ethanol on it, but it only clears up 90% of it.

So my question is what could the reason be?

And if i get treated with any antibiotics which supposedly would help with whatever I have, would my partner stop having these rashes after we have sex?

Thank you!