Hello i am taking generic BUPROPION xl 150mg for 3 days know for depression. How long did it take to see results. I was so against taking antidepressants because i have in the past like 6 yrs ago for just 10 days and got really sick so i got scared and stopped taking them. Some how i was able to manage my depression with no meds for yrs. I recently got really depressed so decided to ask my dr for help. My mom was the one that help me decide to take it because she was really depressed and has been on bupropion for 4 months. They started her with 75mg but was eating too much and didnt feel right so they bumped her to 150mg last a month and still didn't see improvement so once they bumped het up to 300mg she said she started feeling better and has been on 300mg for 2 months. I decided to try what my mom was precribe (bupropion xl) because i read somewhere that if the medication has helped a relative then it should work you. Need positive vibes.i need to stay positive. Side effect right now are loose stool,a little anxious, up early by 5am, nauseous and lost of appetite,tired. God bless