So I was prescribed serataline generic zoloft, first at 25mgs then dr dropped it to 12.5 after a week was told to go back up to 25mg and I took it that night next day I was seeing red spots which was a Saturday so dr was not in, I didn't take it the whole weekend called dr on Monday was told to stay on 12.5mg but I'm not feeling any difference except of course i still get lightheaded from it. I have an appt on Jan 10th with a new psychiatrist but my question is should I keep taking the 12.5mg or just quit because I can't tolerate higher doses and this dose gives me extreme heartburn, lightheaded and seems to make me more nervous and I have developed hemmorids from it which I looked and can be a side affect. I'm frustrated I've been on valium since March at. 7.5 mg twice a day as a vestibular depressant but I read valium can cause depression and it doesn't help my anxiety at all never has. I stay on it because it helps with meiners disease but I also know that being on it this long my system has built up a tolerance to it and I would really like to stop it. I sleep 12 hours a night. I still get panic attacks when I leave the house and sometimes just being at home or taking a shower causes them as well. Any suggestions till I can see my new dr?