I have been taking generic prozac for over 3 years (40 mg daily, at bedtime) and it started working after about 5 weeks and let me tell you it was a like being awaken. My suicidal thoughts went away, I was not having night terrors, and my anxiety was extremely reduced as well. I loved it so much that I was me again and not this ball of self hatred and sadness. I enjoyed hobbies again, spent time with people, I was just so happy to be alive again. I never thought I would feel that again, so it changed my life completely. My doctor very much helped me, and I would go as far to say help save my life (also thankfully for supportive parents).

Unfortunately, about 2 1/2 months ago I started to realize I was becoming once again disinterested in things I enjoyed. I thought maybe it was just a bad couple of days (though nothing had happened that would cause sadness in my life), but my panic and anxiety began to rise as I realized the 'bad days' were turning into 'bad weeks'.

I am once again having fits of random crying, panicky for no reason, and do not feel up to socializing and talking like I normally do. I have seen my doctor and he has upped my dose of generic prozac to 60 mg daily at bedtime. I've been on it just a few days, and very scary to find out that from friends I am experiencing blackouts.

Example: A friend came over to my house and knocked on my bedroom door. I did not wake up. He then called my phone (charging on my night table next to me with volume up), I did not wake up. He knocked a total of 8 times throughout the day, and apparently I answered each time with "I will be right up." or "I'll be right there" (which is why he didn't seek medical attention, he was just worried, panicked himself so he did nothing wrong). More horrifying to me was learning that I actually got up out of bed and opened the door to talk to him several times. I DO NOT remember even waking up let alone getting up. Apparently one of the times I opened the door sobbing and told him "I'm sorry, I'll be right down. I'll be right down. I'm so sorry", then shut the door and he said he heard me crying as I layed back down. I DO NOT remember that at fu**ing all! I did not take any other sleeping meds, no drinking that night (I was tired as usual again these days, went to bed at 12am as normal, and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow), and did not wake up until 7:40pm something.

Now that may sound like a good 7hrs of rest, however, the day before I went to bed at 9:30pm and did not wake up until 5pm in the afternoon. So that day I could only stand to stay awake 7hrs before being so tired I could not keep my eyes open. Those have been my longest awake days, mostly it is over 13hrs of sleep a day, and I am as passed out as a rock. Non functional if I wake up, it is if I have cement on my eyelids. I am very worried.

Has anyone else experienced such long periods of sleep? Blackouts at all? Not being able to stay awake and having foggy thoughts? I was not having these before, so I don't know what is wrong and just would like some other peoples input if you have any thing like this before.

Sorry for the long as hell rant, but I am actually quite scared and don't know what to do.