I was prescribed Percocet 10 for breakthrough pain and with the first prescription, oblong white, I thought I had a resemblance of my life back! The next refill was a different shape, white round, and they didn't help as much, the third refill was again different, oblong yellow, with no results at all! We were out of town and the lighting in the hotel wasn't great and I didn't even notice they were yellow until we left and on our 6 hour drive I had to take one! Then I looked at the bottle and they said Endocet replacement for Percocet. I could have taken an aspirin with more relief! How do I find out which company makes the first pills so my long-time, pharmacist can order them? The 45 minute drive will be worth it! I got these filled at the only pharmacy in my very small town! They buy the cheapest they can find without regard to whether they help the patient or not! I talked with one of the pharmacist and after listening to me she let it slip that they had found a cheaper wholesaler! They are the only ones getting rich in our little town. Most of the people here are very poor and I feel they are being taken advantage of! Is there any way to find this information without having any of them left to identify by?