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Is there another generic med for Cymbalta other than duloxetine?

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SCPharmacist 27 Jan 2019

Only one generic but many manufacturers. All generic are not created equal.
The FDA allows for +/- 20%

WildcatVet 27 Jan 2019

Hello! No, duloxetine is the active ingredient (drug) in Cymbalta.
Regards, Wild Cat

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WildcatVet 27 Jan 2019

"The active ingredient is the same as that of the brand-name drug/innovator drug.
An active ingredient in a medicine is the component that makes it pharmaceutically active — effective against the illness or condition it is treating.
Generic drug companies must provide evidence that shows that their active ingredient is the same as that of the brand-name medicine they copy, and FDA must review that evidence.
The generic medicine is the same strength.
The medicine is the same type of product (such as a tablet or an injectable).
The medicine has the same route of administration (such as oral or topical).
It has the same use indications.
The inactive ingredients of the medicine are acceptable."

cindy-59 28 Jan 2019

Hi lorigail. As far as I know the only generic drug for Cymbalta is Duloxetine. I have taken both and I wish I would have stayed with Cymbalta. The reason being is that it can cause problems when some people change from one to the other. Usually there can be a big difference in the amount of beads in one than the other. There is even a difference in the amount of beads in the brand name. I started taking Cymbalta (then changed to Duloxetine) for a total of 10+ years for chronic nerve pain. A few years ago I started researching all the horrible problems I was having and found out that they were all horrible side effects from Cymbalta and then Duloxetine. I decided I wanted my life back and I made the choice to get off this drug but most people can’t just stop taking it. Almost every person that I’ve talked to has had to taper off slowly.

Spirals 18 Feb 2019

Duloxetine is the active ingredient in Cymbalta. An example of a different generic would be duloxetine from Teva versus duloxetine from Actavis. Sometimes the bottle says the generic manufacturer on it, and other times you will have to ask the pharmacist.

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