I got a stomach virus at which time I could hold nothing down,not even water.So I had no choice but to stop all medications until my prescibed Promethazine suppositories finally helped.I was also severly constipated at the same time... yeah I was a mess! Have missed an entire week of work due to lack of sleep,headaches,"brain zapps",wobbly, chills, sweating, confused thinking and speaking!!! I thought I was losing my mind, my family did not know what to do for me!So my next step is to contact my Dr. And let him know that he didn't pick up on me telling him that I had not taken any medication for days... since it wasn't a formal appointment and we only spoke for a few minutes;I don't blame him entirely.Anyway,I am going to make an
Attempt to return to work tomorrow afterthis crazy ordeal... wish me luck! :-)