I've just been rx-ed generic adderall 10 mg, calling all local pharmacies best price CVS $112 tho Walmart will match that, last year I paid $40 for it.
Now this year Humana is putting me thru H, formerly on Ritalin they filled it once as a courtesy, then I had to do an exception for the dr to fill out one of Humana's forms. Now I am going thru the same thing to get generic adderall covered, they say the dr.s office is not contacting them, they said the same thing with Ritalin. They want to know why I take it, why others do not work. If the doctor rx-ed it and the cost is $9. why do I have to put up with all the back & forth paperwork. When I first called about Concerta, they said that is Ritalin, I told them it is not, its a time released drug and the cost is very high. Why they would not know the difference in the 2 med's is beyond me.
Anyway, until Humana & the Drs office get this figured out I am to pay full amount, does anyone use the AAA motor club % for this or the PA ( Pennsylvania) drug card, AARP card? Will I get a discount using this?
Thanks in advance, I am 60 yrs old