Hi everyone

I am 32, male, never had any major health problems but always felt weaker overall compared to anyone else I knew. By weak I mean in terms of general healthiness and my immune system's readiness.

Now I have not exactly led a healthy life or had healthy habits in my teens and late 20s. But I know people who have had less healthy habits and still have stronger bodies in the sense I feel weak.

I was not breastfed at all because my mother never had any milk and at the time there were not any products or medical assistance in my country so my parents did the best they could and I recall often being ill and nurses giving me shots that I later learned were penicilin.

Therefore I wonder if the lack of mother's milk is one of the reasons I never feel quite healthy. This is not a question about a specific health issue but any ideas/infotmation would be helpful. I guess I would like to know if I should see any doctors regarding all this.