I started seeing a phycologist about 2 months ago and in the process of talking to him, he thought that I had Generalized Anxiety Discorder instead of random anxiety. However he does not prescribe medication, which I clearly need and have been on some sort of medication for anxiety since I was 18, Im now 34. This "medication doctor" which also works in the same phycologist office sat down with me and talked about all of my symptoms and she believes I have BiPolar but no manic side of it. Im so confused. My general phy. put me on Zoloft because I was pregnant and did miscarry since then. Was originally on Cymbalta and Xanax for many years but was told to stop immediately when I got pregnant.I still had anxiety with those medications but I was actually able to lead a life and go places. Had severe withdrawl due to stopping it asap. This new doctor put me on Prozac which I havent taken yet and Vistaril (which doesnt do anything for the panic attacks). Im scared that she has misdiagnosed me because I dont feel like i fall into the Bipolar category. I do have the constant worrying, panic attacks, cant drive far places, sometimes hard to drive 10 miles to work, always have the fear feeling. Anyone have any ideas?