... worse then others. I feel more like myself lately and can spread out the xanax or take 1/2 dose to help with when I get in my head with my weird craziness and cause a panic or anxiety attack, however the xanax wears off in about3-3 1/2 hours and all the wierdness comes back. I toldm
Y doctor so.he is putting me on kololopin but I can't pick it up till this coming Friday. The doctor said it will not wear off as fast an I should be okay on two .25 a day. I am just wondering who has switched and how they did. And please anyone who can help me out of my craZY head I welcome u as my new best friend oh a few other things I am soon to be 49 but had a complete hysterectomy in 2007 which made me medically induced menopause and was put on HRT until this past April when my old doc took me off and 5 weeks later all of this craZY head issues and panic an. Amxiety, plus OCD got worse too. My doc said having no estrogen will cause severe anxiety and panic disorder in some so lucky me can't win lotto :). Please anyone