... well to it. he withdrew from the family. He told the doctor he did not want to be on it anymore, but the doctor did not want him to go off of it. Finally my son turned to us for assistance and i went in with him to his appt. the doctor was rude and intmidating. i encouraged my son to share his feelings directly so he told the doctor he did not want to be on zoloft anymore. the doctor, a psychiatrist, said "I am afraid that is not possible". A few days later my son's bp dropped really low and he got an er ride to the hospital where they flushed some of the med out of him. we fired the doctor and my son came off of the drug. he deals with anxiety with anxiety unmedicated by his own choice (he is 18) and he is more communicative with us - he says he is feeling better. He saw the doctor for anxiety oossible from being onadhd meds, This is my Question: Can zoloft be stated as a necessary drug? In all my years, I have never seen a doctor make someone take an antidepressant. He would not accept my son's refusal. Your thoughts are appreciated.