I've searched hours on the internet and pretty much what I've discovered is that full recovery from generalized anxiety disorder is not realistic. I did not come across one person who was able to fully overcome this, they all just talked about how they feel a little better and it's not as bad. I am ready to end my life honestly, I can't live like this. Always being anxious and never being a able to return to full happines. I am only 20 and now the rest of my life is just gonna be anxiety battle. I can't keep putting in all this work knowing I'll just be a little better and the anxiety not bothering me. There is no point in living like this. I feel like there's only one way out know, and as the days go on I get one step closer to taking my life. I'm almost becoming at peace with death. It just sucks for a life of happines to be over at 20. I'm lost ;(