... because I couldn't take it any longer. My doctor prescribed 50 mg Zoloft and .5 mg klonopin twice a day or as needed 4 months ago. I reduced the klonopin to once a day 2 months ago because I heard of it causing dimentia. I also wanted to eventually get off klonopin all together. My doctor increased Zoloft to 100 mg and stopped klonopin. After 4 days of no klonopin and increased Zoloft I had severe anxiety at an important business meeting and I was shaking and could barely speak. The next day I went back to klonopin twice a day (I had leftover) and lower Zoloft because I was feeling great on that dosage and was scared. 6 days later on same regimen I again had severe anxiety and shaking. I was thinking that I had a lot of caffeine which is abnormal for me but not sure if it's related. Sorry I'm rambling. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much