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Generalized Anxiety Disorder - What's lorazapam?

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endlessPred 4 Mar 2012

Hi. This is an anti anxiety drug similar to Xanax which is alprazolam. If you look at the menus above, you will see the drug listing that are alphabetical. These can help you understand meds like this. Take care.

LaurieShay 4 Mar 2012

Lorazepam (ativan) is a benzodiazepine used to help control anxiety. To learn more about this medication go to:

Inactive 4 Mar 2012

Hello jimmyboi. Lorazapam, non generic meaning name brand Ativan, comes from the Benzodiazepine family of drugs. Its very quick, fast acting. When taken, say for a panic attack, it works very quickly to help ease the symptoms. Usually perscribed on a need to take basis. Problem, with a drug such as Lorazapam, is that by the chemical nature, they can and more often than not, become addictive. Since the drug leaves your body quickly, it will ask for more. Thats a downside to the drug. Best regards,pledge

subzero58 4 Mar 2012

hi jimmyboi,lorazapan is the generic name for ativan.its in the benzo family and one of the oldest benzos made.Used mainly for anxiety but is used for other things as well. it is a very fast acting drug with an onset of 10 - 20 minutes.has a half life of 8 - 24 hours.used as perscribed it works very well.but is habbit forming and should not be abruptly stopped.all Benzo's are very dangerous if taken with alcohol and or follow directions on the prescription bottle. good luck jimmy... subzero58

hofoshos 5 Mar 2012

hi,i take lorazapam 1mg.4 times a day as needed for my panic attacks an anxiety attacks i had since age 19 very severe its like im diying i ben on lorazapam for years it works i take more than im suppose to wen i have a bad one i can take 2 which there is 2mg.the highest dose it really works for me its like volume calms me,wen i have a severe one i take 1 to 2 tabs an it slowly goes away keep takin it, its almost like xanax there both under benzos,xanax is a little more stronger theres 4 different ones to that,let me know how u feel it works and they say its addicting but not for me i dnt care for downers so i only take them wen i have an attack,wen i was 19 they were bad so i had attacks 24hrs. a day now not so much but now i got alot goin on so there comin back
hard than ever,take them an see how they work for u an give me your feed back.good luck!!!

granny50 5 Mar 2012

It is generic for Ativan. It is from the Benzodiapine family. I take it. It is good for anxiety and panic and agoraphobia. The problem is it is very addictive and a real pain to get off. of. It has some rough withdrawl's. I am trying to get off of it now. It will get where you need more and more.I started years ago on .05 and now i am on 2 mg's 3 times a day. I used it as needed but i developed bad anxiety and had to be put on it , on a schedule.. Becareful and watch it please... free discount card

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