... everythingform brain zaps to disorientation to mood swings then after I finally took that last pill i went thru cold chills, shakes, panic, paranoia, feeling as though i was the psycho in a bad tv program my eyes felt like they were bugging out of my head. I couldnt feed my kids or myself. i started to feel a bit better haveing the power of positive thoughts and trying to get out out of the house even if just for a few minutes to wakl the dog I have managed to get thru that. I went to work and I do a lot of walking at work so i am definatly getting excercise. I felt shaky, nervous and depressed in the morning but I managed to get myself there. by about 6 hours into the day I got sooooo depressed i couldnt even see straight my legs were noodles and i had a hard time getting to the car I was sooooooo tired. I pushed and pushed because i know the power of positive thinking but i have never been like this before I pushed my self to get to the grocery store to get a bit of food for the house because in all of this i have not been to the store and my 10 and 12 year old have been pretty much having soup everyday. i was so depressed i ran in the house dropped the groceries on the floor and climbed underneath my covers work clothes and all, i wasnt even sure i wanted to cry or scream or hide i was soooooo depressed, i asked my 12 year old to lay with me so she did and fell asleep i laid there i wasnt even interested in watching tv to get my mind off of it which was very unussual i couldnt even reach for the remote i had nothing left in me, i slept off and on for the rest of the night and when morning came i couldnt get out of bed I am so depressed i have never been this depressed before not even before I started paxil is this still a withdraw or am i just severly depressed?? so I then at about 2pm i still couldnt even move so i took a lexapro thinking maybe i will just go back to antidepressants i hate myself for giving in, would i have stayed depressed or would it have passed. becasue that was jsut as scary as the panic and paranoia please please help