... never been treated for it. I kind of believed I could will it away. Silly, I know. Anyway, do these states usually come and then disappear for varying periods for most people? Can they get worse if left untreated over time? I ask because I have had what I call the usual attacks-the ones that I have come to recognize what's happening once the attack starts. Well, today, in the drs. office, I experienced an unusual(for me) and unsettling state. As more patients entered the waiting room I steadily became a bit paranoid, started sweating, shaking and I had to actively stop myself from getting up & running for my life out the door and never returning. I've never had an instinct so powerful that I needed all my concentration just to keep from acting on the impulse. I only ever suffered mild panic/anxiety yet has steadily gotten more diconcerting in recent months. It has bothered me so much that I felt like a freak, so disconnected that I didn't even tell this new doctor.
I am a 41 year old male yet am feeling like less of a man because of these "traumas" of the mind. Hopefully someone may be able to help me understand a part of my mind that's more disturbing to me than my life long bouts w/depression or addiction recovery. Just putting my problems out in the open is hard for me as I was raised to believe it's melodramatic & weak to open ones' wounds so publicly; that it invites ridicule and just another form of narcissism. Oh, my current meds are adderall & suboxone. I have not been able to tolerate Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor or Wellbutrin. I'm drug sensitive. What else is there?