Hi there. I'm a 35 year old male on day 5 of the generic brand of Lexapro for generalized anxiety. I understand that it can take 2 weeks or longer to see the mental benefits of the drug, however, I am already experiencing a definite lack of sensation during sex which makes it very difficult to climax. Sexual function is important to me, just as much as addressing my GAD.

I will be talking to my doctor about trying to find a medication that may be a better fit, but I'm wondering if you all think I should give the lexapro more time? Is it possible the sexual side effect will go away, or will it probably get worse (especially if I up the dose to 10mg, as I suspect will be necessary)?

Has anyone had better luck with combatting anorgasmia with another anti-anxiety med, like Cymbalta? I've asked about Viibryd, but my doctor doesn't seem to want to prescribe it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I would appreciate any feedback.