... half now. I've always been a care free happy go Lucky young man. Then one day, I start feeling chest palpitations, got short of breath, felt as if I have moments to live, because I'm just going to have a stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, etc.. I racked up thousands of dollars in medical depth from frequent ER trips. I finally learn I have GAD, and depression (though I insist I'm not depressed, my doctor says otherwise) I've tried several medicines; lexapro, Zoloft, Prozac, amitryptiline, nortriptyline, and now as of today I'm trying effexor, and atenenol, along with my old Zoloft prescription. My heart rate has been over 120bpm resting for days now. At my last ER trip a few days ago, they gave me adavan, and sent me home with 6 xanax. Those are helping me beautifully, but I think they're temporary at this point. My question is, will the atenenol just slow my heart down, or will it help with an anxiety attack like the xanax 1mg does? I already have out of control health anxiety and super sensitivity. Will effexor and attenenol help me? Thank you for your time. I want to live normal again!!!