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Generalized Anxiety Disorder - anyone using Remeron for GAD?

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chuck1957 25 Jan 2016

Purple; Most the time this is used for severe depression, not to say a doctor might not use this along with something else but not by itself for GAD,

Purplelavender 25 Jan 2016

Seriously as we are trying to treat my anxiety using Remeron started at 15mg for 3 weeks then increased to 22.5mg now for 2 weeks and Clonazepam .75mg in the am and .75 in the pm and now find that I need something in the afternoon .5mg.

The plan was to use the Remeron and start tapering the Clonazepa and what you are saying this is not the way? I cannot tolerate SSRI which is why we choose this route..

chuck1957 26 Jan 2016

Purple; This is still okay,Depression and Anxiety overlap so much that they have found that many of the things normally for depression do help for many ways the seditive effict etc keep on this for a while. Do not let the doctor take away the clonazepam until your anxiety is under control and your at the dose.It's always a good Idea for the doctor to let us have a prescription on hand to use during our ups and downs.Also please don't worry about not being able to take SSRI'S there are many different medicatons for the Stress and Anxiety that are not ssri's Remeron well help with GAD I did not word it right I am so sorry if I upset you but the only way to tell is to try it. Personally I think there are others that would have been a better choice but than I don't have all you medical history. Stick with it my friend and well keep my fingers crossed for you too. have a great day.

chuck1957 26 Jan 2016

Purple please forgive me for spelling errors etc. My vision is very weak due to chemotherapy yuck. But I wanted to respond before you worried to much you were saying you were feeling better to a point lets keep it going that way. Best of luck and think Positive

Purplelavender 26 Jan 2016

Thank you for your quick response. Yes my doctor will not stop it until my anxiety is under control. She thinks it may take around 2 months. I do not know if she will be increasing the Remeron when I see her this Friday. Curious as to what you would suggest as a treatment. I am on no other medications besides the Remeron and Clonazepam. We cannot seem to find a dose where I have no anxiety especially in the mornings. Today I switched Clonazepam and took .5mg in am and will try .75mg around 1pm and then .75mg or .5mg around 5-6 pm. Suggestions welcome.

chuck1957 27 Jan 2016

Purple; Seems like you have it down pretty good A lot better than before. yes, the Remeron it's a great Idea to just slowly keep adding and see how your feeling soon Should have no problems.Just stick with it Your sounding much better and the doses of the Clonazepam seem like they are most balanced for you which does help the anxiety over time.Have a great day.

Purplelavender 30 Jan 2016

Forgot to mention sorry to hear about your chemo. Hope things are working out for you.

Went back to doctor and left Remeron at same dose 22.5 for now but changed the Clonazepam to Alprazolam .5mg twice a day. She never said what time of day. I am assuming in the am and maybe around 5 pm. As it stays in your system longer but then again takes longer to react as well. At least 1 hour. Also she said if I found I needed something more in the afternoon to take another one. I am hoping it is not as sedating. Hell yesterday I barely made it home I was so tired scared me. She said she had a patience with same issue with Clonazepam and he went to a medi clinic and they prescribed Alprazolam and he said it was a totally turnaround no tiredness. Fingers crossed. Do you know much about this drug?

I have also started exercising 3 times a week plus walking the dog so maybe will help with anxiety and can taper sooner. Thoughts?

chuck1957 30 Jan 2016

Thanks chemo so far going okay, Yes anything you can do like the exercise walking dog ect is all good for you and the anxiety gets your mind off of it. Sounds Good on the Remeron no reason to raise or lower until you feel like your getting better don't push it.

Purplelavender 30 Jan 2016

You never made mention about switching from Clonazepam to Alprazolam? I took .5mg at 8:30am and felt it kick in about 10:30 a.m. seems like a long time. Little dizzy and drowsy but hey first dose so will see how long it lasts before I need the next dose.

chuck1957 30 Jan 2016

Your right that really is the best way.Everyone is different and one perfers one over the other it just depends in the past Xanax always seamed to me like it kicks in faster than Klonopin but just have to see how it works for you Let me know how it goes.

Purplelavender 31 Jan 2016

Nope not liking the Xanax seems like my anxiety does not go away. Heaviness in the chest. I took one at .5mg at 830am Saturday like I said and 2 hours later developed tingling in the arms and dizziness. Also the heaviness in chest got worse. Took another .5mg about 430p.m. and anxiety still there. Not until I took my Remeron did it go away and then 1 hour later I head to bed. Took .5mg at 630 a.m this morning Sunday and 2 hours had the tingling and anxiety heaviness in chest. Also felt sick to the stomach. This time I took .5mg at 1030a.m. not much difference. Also makes me feel depressed I think I will switch back to the Clonazepam. I know I get tired but I feel better.

chuck1957 1 Feb 2016

Yes, Purple; I agree if I were you I would give the doctor a call and tell the doctor what is going on and tell the doctor you would rather put up with the side effects of the Clonazepam than deal with the extra anxiety the Xanax is giving you. hang in there you are the one taking the medication and should know better how it is working for you or not working. The last thing you need right now is more ANXIETY. chuck1957 free discount card

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