... I'm scared and looking for advise and support from others going through similar difficulties. It first started with thinking I was dying since my blood pressure was through the roof a couple times when being checked during I guess what was a panic attack. Then suddenly after that, I just couldn't sleep! I'd either get no sleep one night, and maybe 2-3 hours the next. I used to sleep so well with no problems. I can't even nap now! I have to take Lorazepam (1.5 mg to help me sleep and 0.5 in the afternoon) and most recently I have been taking Hydroxyne 25mg at night on top of that. I also am taking 20 mg of Citalopram daily. The depression came on after losing sleep for a while. Can anyone relate. Did anyone else develop a problem sleeping after a panic disorder set in? I just can't seem to fall asleep on my own. It's so frustrating. I have four young kids and a husband. I want to get through this so badly. I would love to wean off the Lorazepam, but am unsure of the best way to do that, plus I have to sleep somehow. Also, I am anxious most of the day, but do better in the evening. Any advise would be great. Thank you.