I am currently taking antidepressants/mood stabilizers for moderate depression. I've had a history of depression since teenage years and I'm now 38. However, the appearance of my face has contributed to the depression, though not the total reason. I feel like I've been covering my face with make-up for half my life and I'm so sick of it. I develop hard bumps usually on my chin, but more recently on my forehead as well. No other areas of my face are affected other than blackheads/whiteheads. I have tried all kinds of topical medications and daily antibiotics but still get the hard bumps that hurt terribly. I find that they don't heal until the fluid/pus is drained out. I know your'e not supposed to pick or squeeze but they hurt really bad until that bump goes down. Sometimes they drain easily and start to heal with the topical medication. Other cysts are much deeper and end up looking awful for several days. My husband says I cover it well with makeup but I'm still so self-conscious.

Am I a good candidate for this medication? And how serious are the medical side effects? I couldn't find any info. as to whether the medication has been improved since the 80's. Of course, I'm also concerned about the mental health issue. It seems that reaction to this medication is very individual so maybe I could start it and then discontinue if it doesn't seem right for me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.