Can it get better?
I just saw a woman on the White HOuse lawn doing a high knee apex skip - and my thought was ... "I'll never do that again... " and "ouch".

See, I have been a couch potatoe for a year and a half, and prior to that, for about 2.5 years, I could not stay out of the hospital enough to really start an exersize regime. Now, I am so out of shape, the thought of doing so sounds insurmountable.

I actually keep thinking of selling my car - forcing myself to get in shape, and I would, BUT, I have this damn pinched nerve/or/loose pin/or/whatever in my toe. Of course, last time I did not have a car - that is when I couldn't stay out of the hospital, keep weight on, and not have pnemonia..

Rambling!!! Sorry!!! Along the lines of - does DJD/Osteoarthritis get better with exersize, or, does exersize only slow the progression? NOt that that is a bad thing! I just always need the "why" of things. And what is this thing - "water goes out of the spongey parts in between the disks" actually mean? How do I stop water from jumping the disk-ship?
I justt feel like I am so ignorant, and out to lunch when I see a doctor about my bones - I just don't ask questions. so I leave no better than I was before. Yesterday was the first time I have seen a radiology report of my spine - and my question is - why do I not have a full set of such reports?
It's like I have a willful blindspot re my bones. W/ Bipolar, I am ON IT - I know my stuff, but with this I just am , well, RESIGNED. Like I am getting old, and this is what happens - too bad, so sad.

Can anyone knock me out of my fog over this issue? Does anyone have a ray of sunshine on the issue?

I can't resign myself to all these aches - what the h@ll! Please share your story re hope for OA and DJD. I can't just give up and live on vicodin from surgery to surgery.