This is my first community post. Please excuse any mistakes.

About one month ago, my father (79) was admitted to hospital for two weeks after he collapsed and fainted while walking in a garden.

He was diagnosed with Hyponatremia (serum sodium of 114 mEq/L) and prescribed a high-salt diet and was given saline injections. His condition has since improved to within the required range of 135-145 mEq/L. He also has a heart condition since 2002. He is an experienced and regular yoga practitioner.

Please advise a good diet for him given his heart condition. Any other advice is also highly appreciated.

He has been on the following medicines for the past several years:

Losar for high blood pressure
Blood thinner

I know the details above many not be sufficient for a thorough understanding of his condition, but I will try and provide a detailed list of other prescribed medicines and dosage later.