After a 2nd baby girl has come my way and a year of nursing, I am finally ready to begin treatment for ADHD again. I have had awful luck with doctors in the past that treat me with such attitude and distrust that i'm intimidated to even ask any questions about the medication. I finally found a good psychotherapy office where i have gotten to know the councelor/doctor well and they are helping me test different treatments to see whats right for me. Unfortunately, now that i just have quick appointments with the woman that writes prescriptions, i don't have very much time to ask random questions.
FYI: My insurance does not cover any kind of time released treatment.
I don't have another appointment with the dr. for a month and what i am currently taking doesn't seem to work so well, so i thought i'd try asking my questions here.
I naturally have a very high tolerance to anything possibly due to a hormonal problem i was treated for throughout my entire childhood and I don't want to have to take too much more than the recommended dosage of any amphetamine for it to work.

Basically my questions are:

))What is the difference between Dexedrine and Adderall? (non time released adderal)

))Are there different drugs for ADD than there are for ADHD? (i am much more on the hyperactive scale than the listless daydreamer type)

))What is the difference between Dextroamphetamine and just plain Amphetamine?

))What are the short/long term effects of regularly taking more than the suggested/average dosage for adults? (i don't mean pill popping and taking a bunch at once, i am prescribed 80 milligrams a day of amphet/dextroamphet combo tablet, 40 in the morning and 40 late afternoon, which the pharmacist says is higher than the average).

))Lastly, at my last appointment we briefly discussed the possibility of me taking less of a dosage at once, but 3 times a day instead of 2. What the pros/cons to that method, not including the slight inconvenience of having to actually do it 3 times a day?

If anyone has any real advice or answers i would really appreciate having some solid questions to ask my PCNS by my next appointment.

MORE INFO: Current usage/tested dosages:

I really don't know exactly what i'm talking about, but if i had to guess i think the right dosage for me would be to only take 30 milligrams (or maybe even 25 if that's possible) but take it 3 times a day instead of twice. Adderall XR and these non-time released tablets do absolutely nothing for me at 20 milligrams or lower. Last month when i was testing 30 milligrams of the non-time released tablets, it really seemed to work the best, but it only lasted around 2 hours. I can tell by the way i start not realizing how much time has passed, walking around the house forgetting what i went into rooms to do, and suddenly feeling pangs of hunger even though i ate breakfast only about 3 hours earlier.
However, shortly after taking them (30 mil) it really felt like THATS what being treated for ADHD is supposed to feel like. I don't know why back in highschool when i saw people abuse them they act like they're all cracked out. It actually calms me down, almost like it relaxes my thoughts. I became more scheduled and actually finished tasks when i started them without starting other things during it.
So at my latest appointment, because it left my system so fast, we tried raising my prescription to 40 (2x a day). I don't like it. I can't explain it but it doesn't seem like it helps anything, i can tell there is something different in my body but overall it seems to just make me anxious and irritated.
Therefor, i am thinking when she mentioned something about taking less more times a day is what could be right for me. The most important question there is simply what harm can be done by me regularly taking 90 milligrams of amphetamines a day.


If the question of body tolerance needs more info to answer anything, i had precocious puberty and have always been very large my whole life (i don't mean just fat, i mean a good 6+ inches taller than anyone else in my class too, and never connecting with the other kids as if i was literally years older than them) I was treated with Lupron for at least 6 years that i can remember, which apparently is considered bad now... I don't know if the condition itself or possibly the drug i was treated with is why my tolerance to drugs are so high or if its just natural, because now at age 22 i am 5'5'' and slightly overweight at around 148 lbs.
I don't drink alcohol, i just don't like the sensation of being drunk nor do i like the taste, and since it takes so much for me to even feel slightly buzzed i just stopped bothering and have become the permanent designated driver to my friends.
I have the same problem with painkillers, any time in my life i have been to the ER and given painkillers it seems like i have to take twice the dosage they gave me to even be slightly comfortable. Having all my wisdom teeth out at once and finishing my week long prescription of painkillers in less than 2 days was the most drawn out, most painful, most miserable days of my life. The bottle said to take "half" of one (Loratab?) and it literally did nothing unless i took 2 full ones. Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Asprin are just jokes.
I am by no means a druggie, I actually really don't like anything that makes me feel like i am not in control of my body. I would like to live my life with the same focus and clarity that i feel like most everyone else has, and takes for granted. I am tired of being treated like some kind of drug dealer, i have had 3 doctors now prescribe me Adderall XR, up my dosage to 20 mil (a day!) and refuse any more than that. I finally found a really nice woman that didn't judge me and completely agrees that i have ADHD and who better than me to actually be prescribed its treatment. But i don't want to hurt my body in my long run, and if taking 80-90 milligrams of this drug a day is going to seriously hurt me in some way, its not worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you know anything about this stuff (aside from being some coked up highschool kid that just abuses it, i'm sick of responses from any drug abusers/sellers out there) i would very much appreciate some insight. Thanks again.