I just started taking Ocella and I've been suffering with PMDD for quite some time. Im on my 3rd day and I've been pretty nausiated, I've lost all my appetite and I started to break out (but just a few), my sex drive is out of control :o) LOL (compared to my very usual "i'm tired" speech to my bf) I am now dragging him into the bed with me, which is a VERY nice change. I feel more grounded and not as moody or depressed as I was. (crying for no reason and having complete shut downs where I would take out the smallest thing on the people closest to me)

Now I've been reading these reviews and it seems as though the people who have been diagnosed with PMDD have had the best expirences with Ocella or Yaz and I'm really hopeful that I'll be one of those people. I just have a few questions.

Has anyone who has been taking Yaz or Ocella for PMDD expierenced any other syptoms similiar to mine? And if so. When did you feel your body had adjusted to the medication? I know I've only been on it for a little amount of time and my doctor says that I could feel nausiated for quite a few months. That kind of bothered me.

Also, besides being nausiated has anyone experienced any other strange systoms? I want to be ready for whatever this medication brings my way. It's the first time I've ever been on BC or treated my PMDD.

Thank you.