Two years ago I went to a doctor in Malaysia for my acne issues. He prescribed a three step system to me. He gave me a Brevoxyl Creamy wash which contain Benzoyl Peroxide and also a T3 adapeline gel. He told me to use that both in the morning and afternoon and for the night time, he gave THIS gel which was just in a small container that said "warning do not eat". He never gave me the name of the gel. It was a clear thick gel, that when it goes on the face, it turns oily. It does not absorb into the skin but it just sits as a layer throughout the night time. It helped clear up my acne scars within weeks and made me much much fairer. I need to know that this gel is called so I can get it here in Canada. Please help me! My acne scars have worsen and I need it! Thank you!