Hello there, my dad was first diagnosed on Oct 5 2015 with a brain tumor... to which later we were told it was a grade 4 gbm. He had emergency surgery on Oct 12 2015... he did great after the surgery! We took him home a few a days later... it took time to heal... but he did great!! Long story short the tumor came back and he had another surgery on March 30 2016... the Dr removed as much as possible this time... my dad did not do the chemo and radiation the first time... but the 2nd time he did 6 weeks of chemo and radiation... he had a fairly good summer! Was walking around and feeling pretty dam good!!! Then we had a scan on Aug 5 and it showed that there was NO TUMOR at all!!! We were sooo happy!!! Had tears of joy this time!! However 2 weeks later my dad had a major dvt from his groin to his foot... and then a few weeks after he had a pretty bad sziesure... he has not been the same scince... so now is this a set back?? ..or should we be worried about something else... it just seems like he is getting worse... and with the tumor gone as of August 5... he has been in rough shape ever scince!!! :( we don't know what to do!!! We just need a little bit of guidance!! The doctors are great... but the say the tumor is gone... so there is not much they can do... keep him on sziesure meds and blood thinners! But he's not getting better... please please... any help is appreciated! Thank you so much (ps we live in a small town so it is so hard to travel to see a proper doctor- specialist)