I... discharged 2 weeks back in hosptl 2 days for dehydration have an app to see gastroligist dec 3 imat my witsend the tummypain the nausea headache I don't know what to do I just sit with hot water bottle on stomach most of day and night they have said maybe they will do bypass suergery and put in pacemakerhelp jillfirst I lost weight nowgai ng I think I might have one of those Bozoers my bowells were perfect every day now evry 6or 7 days I havnt vomitted for a week I was vomitting every day 40 times but pain is worse nausea worse my whole body feels so full and bloated it builds up to I feel I will burst when that happens I feel likeim going to drop dead I really dont know whats going on in myinsides but its not good and I feel very dangerous I'm trying to drink myfluids im trrified to eat but im eating tiny bits of dry biscuits a d vitimised soup semilina this is first time food stayeddown but as I said when the buid up comes (bursting thing) its unbeAble I feel like im dying litteritly please helpjill