... at all in 9 days. After day 3, I loaded up on fiber one bars and other fiber rich foods- no effect. On day 5 I took magnesium citrate ( entire bottle). Other than liquid, no poop or unblocking occurred. I took a glycerine suppository, no luck. I did total of 3 enemas, a second round of magnesium citrate- still no poop. I went to see my internal medicine Doctor. He gave me lactulose and sent me to get X-ray. The X-ray came back normal :( . Lactulose is not working. At this point he is referring me to G.I. Doctor.
The pain comes and goes and varies from a scale of 5-8. I have bad cramping and overall bloating and discomfort. I'm finding it difficult to relax and I am missing time from work. Is there anyone who could advise me on what my next steps should be?