... guesses, and hearsay and suppositions but none of those help at all. I am seeing a gastroenterologist in a week but I am hoping that I might be able to give him some suggestions. I am taking cat- scan/ultrasound and this week's bloods with me when I see him.
I have not had an alcoholic drink for 4 years. X-rays reveal a damaged liver. My GP is asking the specialist if I have NALDS (Non-alcoholic liver disease Syndrome) which apparently is becoming prevalent, especially with people overweight. I am about 25 kgs over.

My Diet: When I don't eat any carbs at all other than what is found in carrots and apples etc ... I feel fine. This is zero carbs. I get the carbs I need because I eat carrots, the occasional apple and almonds. The rest is like, a sausage (or rissole ) for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch, 2 chops and cabbage/zuccini/broccoli for dinner ... I eat a handful of almonds probably twice a day. 2 litres of water a day. Occasionally dinner will have sweet potato but only about 50gms of it and the 2 small handfuls of almonds a day. Lunchtime salad is lettuce, carrots, cucumber, egg, tomato.
I walk the dog for 20 minutes 5 times a week.

I've been eating this for a month now and while I have only lost 1 kg of weight and 10cms ( its better than putting it on ) I have been feeling very well (although a little forgetful at times which is to be expected with such a low carb thing happening)

The reason I am doing this eating plan is because when I eat carbs I get sick. Really sick. Nausea, tightness around my jawline, cheeks and back of throat, heavy pressure in my ears, tightness in the back of my head, shallow breathing, limpness in my muscles, cramps in my middle section and my eyes want to close. I get waves of this happening after I eat carbs for about an hour. This happens every time I eat anything when I have carbs in my diet. Without them .. I feel fine. With carbs in my diet, even non-carb meals make be nauseous .. even thinking about food makes me nauseous when carbs are in my diet.

This week: Having felt fine for a month, I had chips with dinner on Wednesday night, chips with dinner on Friday night (not many) a piece of toast for breakfast Sat morn, a sandwich for lunch on Saturday and the same again today (Sunday). So 2 x chips and 6 slices of bread since Wednesday (now Sunday) and I feel so sick. All the nasty symptoms are back right now. And I feel really nauseous all the cramping and listlessness and yukky feeling is here.

NOW ... here's the thing ... my brother and sister-in-law are both very experienced nurses (nearly 30 years experience each) and while they acknowledge that I have these symptoms they say that it simply cannot be carbs doing it. Carbs do not affect the human body this way. I tend to believe them because they know about this stuff...
So my question is ... does anyone out there have any theories at all about why this happens. Is it carbs or do you think something else may be the source?

Para-thyroids gone, have a slow thyroid (on oroxine) and hysterectomy 6 years ago. 55 yrs old. Thanks for reading this