hello all! just hoping for some new ideas... my 'journey' started with a hernia (near umbilical)7years ago and to this day i remain undiagnosed (and miserable). the primary symptom is pain with peristalsis and 'screaming' pain before during & after bowel movements. no constipation, no diarrhea, normal movements in that sense. i get pain in my upper ab (xverse colon area) about 80% of the time after eating; meals must be small and eaten slowly. we thought my gallbladder was the culprit and while removing it, my surgeon found a spiderweb of adhesions in my belly. 1 week post op i got an infection (not staph) and abscess lower left & wicked bowel obstruction that kept me in hospital for 2 weeks. odd thing is, i was a healthy girl prior - no reason for adhesions, no injury, surgery, no allergies, digestive issues, nothing. the original hernia was never fixed, but i had another one upper/mid ab 6 mos later, with fixed just fine. i have had a gamut of tests and treatments from ibs to porphyria - to no avail. most doctors think i am nuts and that i should learn to live with the pain & accept there is no answer; i can be in bed for days after an episode. it feels like a structural issue that kicks up when anything in there starts moving. i can't imagine living this way for the rest of my days... i've lost alot of life, including my job, over this - not a good thing - so i will keep looking for the WHY? does any of this ring anyone's bells?
thanks SO MUCH!