Well life cant get much worse, after two weeks in hospital, every week for the last 11 weeks at the gp, and really getting fed up with being a guinea pig, the hospital has run all the test possible, ct scans, mri, blood test, urine test, stool test, and all they have said is that my chilaiditi syndrome is the cause of the vomitting, gas, diaharra, constipation and nausea, to those that do not know what chilaiditi syndrome is is the large intestine is under my diaphram and over my liver, it cannot be removed as the bowel has infused itself on the liver. So now back under my gp to stop the symtoms with medication, so far omexadole, metroclopramine, buccastem, busupan gavisgon, peppermint tablets all at the same time all no good,then weve tried fibregel, peppermint tablets, gavisgon and travel sickness pills, that no good have had another all symtom attack, need gp to get this sorted as im in her hands now and seeing its a rare syndrome shes at a loss as well. the main thing that happens is gas forms under my diaphram makes me sick, have two full days of diaharra, two days of constipation, two days normal then it all starts again, the acid in my stomach gos either way, food ok in small amounts three times a day, then takes 2 hours of stomach cramps everyday till its passed the point of my liver, symtoms like ibs but twice the effect, anyone taking long term medication that has improved there symtoms, have as yesterday taking quite life tablets to calm me down as stress is also building up which dont help the situation.There is nothing on the internet which medication to take as myself and gp have spent ages researching