My pain management doc is using a laser for acupuncture and it's doing nothing! Last week she tried using just a few needles, yet still no relief. Any ideas, what should I ask her to do? IS it time to find a new pm doc? She always asks where is the pain the worst at every appointment and it's always the same, my shoulders (FM trigger points, which she stuck a needle in but it did nothing) and neuropathy in my legs, which she has not touched, but the neuropathy is probably caused by the spondylolisthesis, or so she has indicated, and have bone spurs that are digging into my spinal column, that may be causing some pain, too. My back has hurt for years but nothing like the neuropathy or the fibro pain. I am at a loss as to what to ask this doctor!
I also started taking Amitriptyline for the second time, first time I had some pretty severe panic attacks on it and horribly dried up gob.
Any advice is welcome, thank you all!
Sorry guys, my sense of humor has taken a hike... it better come back with a tan!