Are you suffering more pain than before surgery? Has anyone been able to get off pain meds with surgery, actually ANY type of surgery?
I've DDD and herniated discs in my neck. Or is it disks? Anyway, tis painful and I must turn my body, not my neck whilst driving or having a conversation with a group of people at a party. It's embarrassing, people often ask me "Do you have a stiff neck" I tell them that I've gotten a viagra stuck in my throat. (sorry) Just yesterday, at the grocery store, a man asked me if I'd a stiff neck! I didn't think it was that noticable, apparently I'm wrong.

Did surgery help or hinder you? If you had to go back, would you do it all over again? How long was recovery? What is your favourite colour?
Did the surgeon take time to explain everything to you? If one has fibromyalgia is the recovery time longer?
Thank you to anyone that answers, it's very appreciated,
Your friend,