very confusing to me, what does "C 2-3 narrowing of neural foramina" mean?
Also "central canal stenosis", "thecal sac (that just sounds dirty!) compressed to 7mm greatest AP dimension"? Here are some more for you wonderful dc folks, "narrowing of intervertebral foramen bilateraly" What IS a "formen" and aren't men born with a "foramen", which is removed at birth? (just kidding on that, but I DO need to know what a foramen is and WHY is it not called a "forewomen"?
"At the L 4-5 there is grade 1 spondylolisthesis", what in the Sam-Hill does this mean, (and WHY is it in grade 1, I went to University)? Even more, for your reading enjoyment...
"At the L5-S1 (what IS S1?) level, there is a small amount of left sided discogenic ridging that is extending to the proximal left intervertebral foramen (there is that word, AGAIN!) and along with facet hypertrophy is causing mild (thank God!) narrowing of the foramen.

This is only a very small part of my MRI results, but you all need a break from med-speak so I shall end it on this note... WHY do they send this stuff to me in med-speak, I may as well be reading the Iliad in Greek, or iambic pentameter!
Thank you, for anyone who dare take ANY of this on!
Everyone's friend,